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Are You Interested in Veneers but Concerned About the Procedure to Get Them? My Next Smile Lumineers May Be Your Answer

Do you have chipped, cracked, or crooked teeth? Are you embarrassed by the staining or discoloration of your teeth? Perhaps you have considered getting veneers, but you are concerned about the drilling and shots that you will have to get in order to have them installed. If this is your situation you will be very happy to hear about a new product available in the dental restoration field: Lumineers.

What is a Lumineer?

My Next Smile Lumineers are specialized veneers that do not require any drilling, resurfacing, or other invasive procedures. The manufacturing process used to fabricate them allows them to be fashioned from ultra-thin material so they can slide over the top of your existing teeth without the need for your dentist to spend time grinding down and resurfacing teeth. This means that—unlike traditional veneers—Lumineers will typically not require any shots or traumatic procedures.

In spite of the fact that they are manufactured to be thinner than traditional veneers, Lumineers are extremely durable. With the appropriate care they should last more than 20 years.

How are Lumineers applied?

Once you have decided you are interested in getting Lumineers you will need to visit with a dentist. He or she will take an impression of your bite pattern and create a mold of both your upper and lower teeth. He or she will also take photos of your teeth and send this information, along with your medical records, to a Lumineers laboratory. There, your Lumineers will be manufactured according to the highest standard of quality and will be rigorously tested and inspected to ensure their suitability for use. They will then be sent to your dentist.

After your dentist has received your new Lumineers, he or she will ask you to come back to the office for a second visit. During this visit, your dentist will use a special adhesive to attach your Lumineers to your teeth. After ensuring the Lumineers are properly attached, your dentist will spend some time inspecting your bite to be sure that everything is in place and coming together properly. This step will save you from accidentally chipping you Lumineers during your daily use.

Are Lumineers for me?

If you are considering Lumineers there are a few things you should know. First, the cost for Lumineers is slightly higher than the costs for veneers. This is primarily due to the use of the advanced technology required to manufacture Lumineers to the exact specifications necessary to allow you to wear them without any resurfacing or reshaping of your teeth.

Having said this, the superior longevity and durability of Lumineers means that they will last you more than 20 years with proper care. This is significantly longer than many veneers will last. Viewed in this light, the cost-per-year of a Lumineer is comparable or even lower than that of a traditional veneer.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Lumineers please contact the Hillsboro Dental Center today by giving us a call at (503) 648-2829.

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