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Dr. John T. Roberts
Dr. Cheryl Hansen

Dental Services

Two teenage girls smiling, one of them has braces - Hillsboro Dental Center
As a general family dentistry we offer more services than the average dentist:

Preventative Dentistry

The following services focus on preventing tooth decay:

•  Cleanings - Regular cleanings can prevent long term damage to teeth.
•  Exams - Our exams look for issues that might be developing.
•  Flouride Treatments - A more aggressive treatment that can remove hard to reach problems.
•  Oral Cancer Screening - Catch it early.
•  Periodontal Maintenance & Therapy - Keep your gums in shape.
•  Mouth Guards - Stop tooth grinding, protect teeth and stop snoring.
•  Sealants - Another way to prevent future cavities.

Restorative Dentistry

The following services are focused on repairing damage to teeth.

•  Bridges - Bridge the gap left by a missing tooth.
•  Crowns - Repairs heavily damaged teeth.
•  Dentures - Replace many or all of your teeth.
•  Extractions - Remove extremely damaged teeth.
•  Fillings - Fill in cavities.
•  Root CanalsSave heavily damaged teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The following services are meant to give you the perfect smile.

•  Dental Implants - Replace missing teeth.
•  Crowns - Matched to your teeth to blend in.
•  Veneers - Perfect teeth at a lower cost.
•  Teeth Whitening - Whiten your teeth.
•  Mini-Dental Implants - An alternative to dentures.

Hillsboro Dental Center

 Dr. John T. Roberts and Dr. Cheryl Hansen
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