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Dr. John T. Roberts
Dr. Cheryl Hansen

Dental Examinations

Patient receiving a dental exam - Hillsboro Dental Center


In line with our philosophy of complete care for our patients we invite new patients to have a comprehensive exam. This includes necessary x-rays, a charting of all the teeth and their conditions, a periodontal (gum) screening, oral cancer screening, a check of the bite and oral habits. The doctor will then explain and discuss his findings and recommended any treatment necessary and any alternatives. Questions are encouraged.


It is very important to us that children get off to a great start with their oral health. The American Dental Association is now recommending children be seen as soon as their first teeth come in. We offer a free "Happy Visit" that introduces the child to the dental office in a pleasant and non-threatening way.

What happens during a dental examination?

Dental exams give us a chance to find out what is going on in your mouth. Presumably you are coming in for cleanings and exams twice a year, so it has been six months since we have had a chance to evaluate your oral health.


You will receive a series of dental X-rays once a year. X-rays are an invaluable tool that helps us to see issues within the teeth and soft tissue of the mouth. Places that we can’t observe with the naked eye, like between and inside teeth, we can use X-rays to see into. We are able to pinpoint areas where the enamel on your tooth is wearing thin and we can suggest changes to your oral health routine to help you fight to keep your teeth in great shape.

Using X-ray technology, we can check your soft tissues for oral cancer and signs of pre-cancer. Cysts and tumors do show up in X-rays.

X-rays give us a great opportunity to educate our patients on the issues that arise within their mouth. Understanding the problem, the cause, and the solution of dental issues allows our patients to react early to anything that arises. Often, if an issue is caught in the early stages they are able to reverse the problem entirely, avoiding the headache of having to have dental work done.

Gum Screening

We will examine your gums to ensure that you aren’t showing signs of developing gum disease. Gum disease is a very sneaky condition that can arise if you forget to brush and floss frequently. It does not cause discomfort like forms of decay in teeth, so it can be hard to know if you have it unless you are checked out by a dental professional.

We will check your gums for inflammation and bleeding as those are good indicators of gum disease. Further, we will check the depth of your gums using a special tool that we place between the tooth and gums on each tooth. This tool allows us to gauge where your gums are experiencing the most inflammation, if at all.

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Please call us today at (503) 648-2829 to schedule an appointment for your bi-annual examination and cleaning! We look forward to seeing your smile!
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