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Dr. John T. Roberts
Dr. Cheryl Hansen

Hillsboro, OR

At Hillsboro Dental Center, we understand how hard it can be to go through life while missing teeth. Missing just a single tooth is hard enough, but missing many, or all of your teeth can be downright devastating. Missing teeth make it hard to eat and speak, and it tends to have a very negative impact on your sense of self-esteem. No matter what level of tooth loss you have experienced, we have the ability to restore your smile using complete or partial dentures. Dentures are a fantastic way to replace teeth that will help you to eat and speak in much the same way that your natural teeth did.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a removable prosthesis that is made to look and (for the most part) act like your natural teeth. Depending on your level of tooth loss, we can use different kinds of dentures to replace your teeth. If you are missing a few teeth, we can probably use a partial denture to give you the aesthetic of your natural teeth back. If you are missing all or most of your teeth, we will opt to remove any remaining teeth and fit you for a full set of dentures, which includes an arch of prosthetic teeth for both the top and bottom jaw.

Complete Dentures

As mentioned above, complete dentures replace all of your natural teeth completely. If you have a few remaining teeth and would like to be fitted for a complete denture, we will extract the remaining teeth and then fit you for the prosthesis. Complete dentures restore your ability to eat and speak as you once did, as well as give you back the look of having a mouthful of teeth.

This prosthesis is removable, and thus it must be held in place by denture adhesive. You will have to watch what you eat to a certain extent as many extremely sticky, or hard to chew foods will dislodge the prosthesis. Caramel and similarly sticky candies are high on the list of things that can cause you trouble with dentures, as are apples, corn on the cob, and some meats.

It is important to note that dentures represent a significant lifestyle change and will require that you build some new habits around your oral health routine.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are usually more about aesthetically replacing the few teeth that have gone missing and are less about restoring the function of eating. While some partial dentures can help you to chew food, many do not. Most partial dentures are held in place using metal clasps and wires that are anchored to the surrounding teeth.

Denture Fit

When considering comfort in denture fit, the upper denture will usually feel more comfortable than the lower denture. For this reason, we suggest considering dental implant retained prosthetics, which can be anchored using two dental implants in the lower jaw to support the denture and give you the sturdiness and confidence that you need.

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