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Dr. John T. Roberts
Dr. Cheryl Hansen

Dental Veneers
Hillsboro, OR

Your smile says volumes about you, sometimes even before you have the opportunity to speak. One of the most prominent features of your smile is the condition of your teeth. Any imperfections, no matter how tiny, can make a huge difference in how others perceive you. Imperfections can even cause you to become self-conscious, leading you to hide your smile. At Dr. John T. Roberts and Dr. Cheryl Hansen, we can correct these minor imperfections, restoring your smile, with porcelain veneers.

What are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shell-like restorations that are designed to cover minor flaws in the teeth that are visible when you smile. They cover only the front portion of your teeth, providing you with a beautiful, natural appearance. Once in place, no one will be able to tell the difference between your veneers and your natural teeth, and they will never know that your teeth were ever imperfect.

Issues Veneers Can Fix

Veneers are a popular treatment for correcting a variety of small imperfections in your teeth, including such things as:
•  Small chips or cracks that only affect the enamel layer.
•  Gaps between your teeth.
•  Minor overlapping (which does not affect the health of your mouth).
•  Teeth that are smaller than the rest, or those that are misshapen.
•  Teeth that have been worn down.
•  Discoloration.

Why Use Porcelain?

Typically, veneers are made out of composite resin or out of porcelain. Both materials match the color of your natural tooth enamel, but porcelain offers multiple advantages over composite resin. Porcelain is stronger, able to better stand up to the daily use of your teeth. The material is stain resistant. It also more closely mimics the properties of your natural tooth enamel, including the way enamel, reflects light.

Placement of Your Veneers

Placing your veneers typically takes two visits. On your first visit, we first need to prepare the affected teeth). This means that we trim, or remove, a small amount of the enamel from the front portion of each tooth, a process which is done under a local anesthetic. In doing so, we create the space necessary for your veneers to sit naturally in with the rest of your smile. Once your teeth have been prepared, we then take impressions of your mouth and use a special guide to match the color of the rest of your teeth. The impressions are then sent to a lab, where your porcelain veneers are designed and created.

It can take up to two weeks for your veneers to be completed. When they are ready, we then bring you back in to place them. Before doing so, they are checked for proper fit. We clean your teeth and use a special acid etch, which creates a rough texture. This texture is essential for providing a strong bond between your veneers and your natural teeth. After we wash the acid etch away, we dry your teeth. Finally, a dental cement is applied, and your veneers are affixed to the surfaces of your teeth.

Benefits of Veneers

Porcelain veneers provide several benefits:
•  They look completely natural, restoring the beauty of your smile.
•  They are stain resistant.
•  They are biocompatible, meaning they will not irritate your gums.
•  With a restored smile, you can regain your confidence.

Porcelain veneers are a great way to correct a variety of minor dental imperfections, restoring the beauty of your smile and your confidence. For more information, and to find out if porcelain veneers are right for you, call at (503) 648-2829 today!

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